Database Services

Database Services for Mission Critical Businesses

Sedetos Global Solutions, Inc provides tailored support for top database management systems. We provide expert support in the areas of database installation, implementation, monitoring, backup and recovery strategies, Patching, Upgrade, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Data Migration and 24×7 support for Oracle, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB platforms. We keep your database highly available, while protecting your most important assets – your company’s data.

We can deliver measurable results whether it be on-premise, in the cloud and or remotely. We work with your to put together a strategy for your database needs and work with you to implement the strategy. Whether you need to outsource your entire database system management, simplify your environment or you just need additional expertise to handle areas such as Patching, Migration from one version to the next or you need to move high volume data from one system to another – our DBA consultants can implement a tailored solution that would meet your business needs.

What we offer

– Database Implementation & Administration
– Database Backup & Recovery
– Database Security & Monitoring
– Database Governance & Security
– Database Consulting & Support Services
– Database Audit & Assessment
– Database Tuning Services
– Database Remote DBA Services
– Database Migration to Cloud
– Database Cold backup, hot backup, and data export
– Database Memory utilization recommendations
– Database Operations Standardization

Systems of choice

– Oracle 11g/12c Database and RAC
– Oracle 12/13c Cloud Control
– Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012/2014
– PostgreSQL
– MariaDB
– MongoDB