Cloud Solutions

We provide Cloud Solutions to help you grow your business.

It has been said that moving to the cloud can be a game changer for your organization. Moving to the cloud can dramatically reduce expenses for your organization’s hardware, licensing, maintenance, and IT staffing. Cloud can work for nearly all small and enterprise-size organizations. That’s where Sedetos Global Solutions, Inc comes in. We offer comprehensive cloud solutions designed specifically to meet your organization’s needs. Whether you need to scale your application load up and down by provisioning new servers on demand or you just want to know how to leverage cloud to increase your organizations output, we can help.

We offer Amazon Web Server (AWS Cloud) and Microsoft Azure services to help both federal agencies and commercial companies leverage the Cloud to scale and improve availability of their IT systems and Infrastructure. Let Sedetos help you migrate your applications and systems to the cloud. Cloud computing is a new way of thinking about your business. Long are the days that your need to spend millions procuring physical infrastructures and hiring a fleet of consultants to work on building and implementing your system. With the cloud, you have the power of now. You don’t have to wait for six months to a Year hire consultants to set up your infrastructure or workout multi-years licensing before you start working on your business. With the cloud, you can start today – with just what you need and then at a later time, add or remove any of the cloud components as needed.

Sedetos can hep you expedite your organization’s move to cloud. We offer solutions to help you establish and scale your business in the cloud. Looking to build a private cloud on AWS cloud? We have Cloud Architects, DevOps Consultants with the right expertise who can move your business to the cloud.

What we offer

  • AWS/Azure Solution Architecture
  • AWS/Azure Migration
  • AWS/Azure Integration
  • AWS/Azure Monitoring
  • AWS/Azure Identity and Access Management
  • AWS Auto-Scaling and Fault-Tolerant Systems
  • AWS Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
  • AWS DevOps and Automation